Wellness Choices

About Me

imageI attended New Hampshire Institute for Therapeutic Arts and graduated in December of 2006.  I opened a home practice and also worked at a couple of local spas.  This work outside of home has allowed me to incorporate the use of hot stones and other various modalities used in the spa.

I have a stong passion for helping the body heal naturally.  I began working as a Chiropractic Assistant in 1995 and worked in several Chiropractic offices.  One of the offices that I worked in offered massage as a way to help compliment the adjustments being received by patients. When I saw the tremendous results that patients were receiving, I knew that I had found a way that I too could help patients; without going to school to become a Chiropractor.  

I have been full time in my home practice since April of 2009. My greatest passion is helping people heal and get well.  I named my practice Wellness Choices because of my belief that we all have the ability to be well; it's the choices we make that determine how much wellness we will have in our lives!

To learn more about your wellness potential go to my contact page.  I can be reached via phone or email.